PetVet Wear

Our Post-Operative Recovery Wear is the only one with Velcro closure, which offers greater security and fitting to the pet's body.

Furthermore, our models have an anatomical design and are made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane, which ensures flexibility when dressing. The clothes are designed to be adjusted to the body without inflicting harm.

All of our products are machine-washable.

Indications of use:

  • Recovery after spaying/neutering.
  • Recovery after surgeries: mastectomies; cesareans; abdominal surgery, tumor removal, among others.
  • Protection from the sun, for animals with skin problems or hypersensitivity.



We have 11 different sizes for dogs and 4 different sizes for cats, if you are unsure which sizes would work best for you, consult our sizing chart by pressing the 'Sizing chart' button below!

Sizing chart


We have two models for dogs and one model for cats with a unique design, made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane. Find out more about our models by clicking the 'Models' button below.


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