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Our models

We have two models for dogs and one model for cats with a unique design, made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane, 11 clothing sizes for any size dog or cat, distinguished by special and hygienic openings for females and males, available in several colors.

It is very important that the clothes stay snug to the body, to keep the animal from being able to lick or taking the bandages off through the openings of the legs, which may occur if the clothes are too large or ill-fitting. A correct adjustment is also important to ensure that the animals don’t wet their clothes when urinating!

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Model Dog 1 - Female

The Dog 1 - Female model has a unique design, with double layers on the belly, collar with drawstrings and adjustable Velcro straps; which ensures an anatomical fit, the comfort of the animal and ease of movement!

Model Dog 1 - Male

Male model has an exclusive version for male dogs. Made of of 97% cotton and 3% elastane, double layers on the belly, collar with drawstrings and Velcro adjustable straps; which ensure an anatomical fit, the comfort of the animal and ease of movement! 

The male edition has an adjustable testicle protector, which enables proper protection and adjustment to the dog’s anatomy.

Model Dog 2 - Female

The Dog 2 - Female model has a unique design. Its main differences are the adjustable Velcro collar (a new option for adjusting the collar, different from the model Dog 1’s drawstring), and fully double-meshed belly, providing additional protection. This model is regularly indicated by veterinarians for mastectomies!

The lock on shorter Velcro also adds a more elegant finish to the model.

Model Dog 2 - Male

The model Dog 2 - Male has the belly fully reinforced ensuring greater protection in this region. This clothing is suitable for surgeries with deeper cuts!

The other innovation in this model is that it completely covers the testicles, providing practicality when dressing the pet without the need for adjustments.

Model Cat

The Cat model fits both male and female cats. It has a collar with a drawstring mesh, which allows proper adjustment to the animal's neck, so that it is comfortable and does not tighten around the throat.

The genitalia are free through a hygienic opening, preventing the clothes from getting dirty with urine.